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Arnold Classic Europe in Barcelona

The largest event in Europe, with more than 40 sports modalities. We visited Arnold Classic Europe which is held every year in Barcelona.

We enjoyed in 2016 the biggest multisport event in Europe, year after year continues to consolidate with a greater number of activities and athletes and getting visitors to be amazed. We enjoy programmed activities, seminars, masterclass, championships and exhibitions.

If you think you’ve seen it all… You haven’t seen the surprises that the Arnold Classic Europe will bring to you in Barcelona.

We were present with our most representative brands: Ares Nutrition, P&F Pharma and Royaltech. We gave you to try our products and we gave you incredible raffles, gifts, merchandising and much more.

Arnold schwarzenegger’s visit to our booth was an exciting moment. The greatest bodybuilder of all time, actor of such epic movies as Conan the Barbarian and who has become governor. If you think you’ve seen it all… you haven’t seen the surprises that the Arnold Classic Europe in Barcelona brings us every year.

The highlight in terms of professional bodybuilding was the duel between Kai Greene and Cedric Mcmillan. It ended with Kai Greene winning the title, even though Mcmillan was in incredible shape and deserved the position as well. But there can only be one winner, and that was Kai Greene who took his revenge for the previous competitions in which he failed to finish higher than second place.

They were 3 very intense days with the stand and many of you were able to try our products and take pictures with our athletes. Thanks to all of you, do not forget to follow us on social networks to be informed about other events.

We really enjoyed our visit to Barcelona and our next project will definitely be to visit Arnold Classic.

King Rox Spain will continue to evolve and grow with all of you to offer you the best products to maximize your workouts and improve your physique.

Choose quality.